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Voice Of Reasons

Who are we? How did we get here? What are we doing

here? VOR is a researcher and content creator who has

been searching out the answers to these questions for

more than 2 decades. His deduction, we are in an

information based reality created by the God of the bible.

"in the beginning was the Word".


God created the Earth, however, the enemy of God controls

the socio economic system "the world". We are in a battle

for the hearts and minds of men. The wages; eternity with or separated from our Creator.

From our birth we have been indoctrinated to

believe that we are animals in a meaningless

and random universe. A repurposing of our

true nature and birthright as children of the

Most High God, made in His image.

Why were we taught this? Scientific

materialism leads to consumer

materialism. Consumer materialism

leads to willing servitude of the

beast system rather than serving

the Living God. Please join us in

our mission of defending

the Creator in the information war.

In a world system built on lies,

the truth is the enemy. 

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