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About Me

Voice Of Reasons Official

  I was born in 1977. My father was an alcoholic and an atheist. My mother, a complicated and damaged religious fanatic. Abuse and a broken home forced me at a young age to question everything that I was seeing and everything I was feeling. This experiential upbringing resulted in the predictable diagnosis of ADD/ADHD, which led me to the unpredictable path of a proficient autodidact. Becoming an entrepreneur at 16, professional snowboarder at 17, golf professional / golf course manager @ 25, recording / performing musician @ 29 and content creator @ 40.


Always searching for answers, I have studied theology, philosophy and conspiracy for 25 years. 3 Subjects, that while topically may seem disparate, are intrinsically connected. A rational thinking conspiracy theorist and a skeptical man of faith, my intense life experience has led to a unique world view. One that I hope will help people find answers, find meaning, and maybe even direction.

In an increasingly synthetic world, real

life experiences and the knowledge

they produce are a valuable commodity.

Luke Lucero - The Voice Of Reasons

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